Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grand Opening! Specials and Offers!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of BombSquad Blogs!

Please read below for information on our Best SAVINGS package and also a Grand Opening Day Deal!

Our ANNUAL Membership is an instant savings of 45% off our single Pre Mades Designs! You can't go wrong with this plan, with change outs up to FOUR TIME in a calendar year!

Grand Opening DAY SPECIAL!
The first 5 customers who spend $50 or more get a free custom watermark or custom Pinterest "pin it" button.
How cool is that?  You can see a custom PIN IT in action on this blog ! (simply hover over the annual membership image and see the cute CUSTOM Bomb Pin!)
A BombSquad Tech will contact you for details after order is placed. 

1 comment:

  1. Wahooooo!!! Congratulations on your new adventure ladies!!! Can't wait to get a new design!!! :)